Adaku Foods Ijebu Garri is a stable food in most West African communities

Ijebu Garri -Cassava Flakes 2kg x 12

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Ijebu garri is a cassava flake produced and processed from cassava tubers, garri is a popularly known West African staple eaten and  widely loved . It is a highly nutritions food rich in starch and other vital nutrients. This is one of the most and if not the most popular staple foods in West  and part of central Africa.

Adaku Ijebu garri is sold in packs of 12 with weight of 24kg.

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Ijebu Garri is processed and appears in fine fine garri particles that is easy to chew. It is distinctive for it sour taste and turns out well if you cook it, chew it raw and soak it in water. Ijebu garri and garri in general is basilcally eaten together with local soups which are made seperately and then the garri is dipped into the soup or stew and swallowed . It is very heavy food when eaten but also have a fast digestion with few hours that can leave you hungry again.

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