Roasted Cashew nuts 500g

Roasted Cashew Nuts 500g x 12

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Cashew nuts are kidney-shaped nuts which are processed from the kernel of the edible cashew fruit which grows on the cashew tree. The nuts are edible when roasted. Cashews have a mild flavor, creamy, rich texture with a similar mouth feel as peanuts. After cashew nuts goes through the production process, they are off white in color and have a slightly sweet buttery taste. They are consumed as ready to eat snacks.

Note: You are purchasing a minimum  pack of 12 Cashew nuts  at 500g each.

Product weight is 6.5kg/pack of 12

Cashewnuts botanically known as Anacardium occidentale are a kidney-shaped seed made from the cashew tree, a tropical tree originally native to Brazil and India but now cultivated in warm climates such as Nigeria in West Africa. Although commonly referred to as tree nuts, and nutritionally compared to them, cashew nuts are really seeds. Cashew nuts when roasted are one of the popular premium snacks enjoyed by all. The seeds rich in oil and distinctively flavored are also commonly used in South and South East Asian cuisine.

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Roasted Cashew Nuts 500g x 12


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