About us

Why the name Adaku Foods®?

Adaku means the daughter that brings wealth in Igbo land in South Eastern Nigeria. Our name is indegenious and traditional and so is our food. The only difference here is our food is no more traditional. it is  is widely eaten first by the Igbos , then Nigerians, then West African, then Africans and is available in African food retail shops in major countries of the world.

Our Company

We are a Nigerian food packaging company  specialised in certain  traditional staple foods in Nigeria and West Africa  ranging from spices, seed foods, flour and flakes, nuts , dry fish and red oil. We are focused on those nutritious staples and delicacies widely eaten all over Nigeria and then those that are very  local amongst some cultures.

Adaku Foods is a brand name of DABOBO NIGERIA LTD  which is Nigeria registered company and has been approved by NAFDAC (The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in Nigeria) to produce and package the foods listed on this website.

We are located in Lagos State and Imo State in Nigeria, Nigeria being the major source of raw food. Our foods are sourced from all over the nation  through our direct contacts with farmers and brokers in the industry. This has given us the option to select the best providers with quality products.

Why These Types Of Foods?

We are from Nigeria and eat what we sell everyday, previously  these foods were found in market places and small street stores but our aim is to do the same but in a hygenic and professional way. We want these foods to remain in the market and small stores and let them boom and be accessible to the public at cheap prices, but we want to make it even cheaper and bring it to the world. Every food can be eaten by anyone but that person needs to understand what he/she is eating. That is why we continue to explain these foods in our blog section .

Research And Development

Our team is made of qualified food scientists, quality control personnel, health and safety personnel, logistics, marketing  and normal production staff, we are constantly researching and developing new types  of foods, new procedures in packaging and better ways to keep our products cheap, top quality,  hygenic and sustainable.

We welcome  any brilliant idea form anywhere  that will help us improve , we are willing to dive into the research and hopefully develope better from there.


Manufacturing is not an easy process but we have set up an easy process over the years that gives our customers the opportunity to work with us and contribute to our production process.

New and old customers are the same  to us, we aim to produce any quantity for our customers and  we have a quick production turnaround for our customers.

Some of our products are seasonal products but our large net of suppliers and storage facilty ensures that we can keep on providing the products long after it is out of season.

The minimum order in our business is 1 pack of 12 of any product available, you can pre order 2 months in advance to the date required.

For exports we may require  a slightly large amount of order to make it cheaper to produce and make less costly to export for the customer.

Welcome to ADAKU FOODS®