Shipments and returns

Delivery options explained.

We have given customers the freedom to select the best delivery option that fits their purpose, these are the options you will see on checkout. Please see the options explained below;

Arrange Own Delivery: You want to arrange your own delivery with a courier or you want to make seperate delivery arrangement with Adaku Foods Delivery team. They will contact you once your order has been placed or contact them for a faster processing of your order. If you are ordering more than 24kg or a pallet and above please use the contact form or call us directly.

Adaku Foods Delivery(Lagos Only): Our delivery team will organize delivery to your address in Lagos for a little delivery charge. Usually our van or sub contractor will turn up at your door in Lagos State Nigeria. Delivery is usually with 24 to 48hrs of order.

BBM Cargo and Logistics : This is a trusted partner that can arrange delivery to anywhere in Nigeria, anywhere in UK, EUROPE and USA. Average delivery time is 7 business days.

UPS Export : We can arrange a delivery to all the countries we offer our products through UPS international delivery. This is usually faster and delivery time is about 4 - 5 days.

Note: Our shipping is costed as per weight range starting from 0-13kg, 14kg - 25kg . The minimum weight of a pack of a product 4.5kg and the maximum is 24kg. When ordering we advice that you take the weight range into consideration . Ordering 2 product worth 13kg would give you a shipping cost advantage than ordering only 6.5kg.

We ship locally to any state in Nigeria , Africa, UK, Some countries in the EU and USA.


Your goods are packed in boxes,  as strongly shrink wrapped and this depends on the type pf products you are purchasing. Our website product pictures also shows how your pakaging will be packed.

Large orders will be packed in  pallet cartons or pallets.

Europe Orders

The minimum order for export to Europe will be 24 packs of any product we produce, we advice EU customers to contact us first before placing any other. Though the prices for export will appear on checkout but we want to help our EU customers find the best possible and cheapest  way to reduce their delivery fee.

Shipping Fees by Air freight  based on weight ranges to Western Europe (5 days door delivery service from dispatch ).

0-13kg = N45,000

14-25kg = N95,000

Please contact us if you are buying over 25kg worth of items

UK Orders

The same advice for EU countries applies here but if you are happy with our shipping prices on checkout  please feel free to place your order. The larger the order the lesser the delivery charge.

Shipping Fees by Air freight  based on weight ranges to United kingdom  (5 days office collection  service from dispatch ).

0-13kg = N39,000

14-25kg = N78,200

Please contact us if you are buying over 25kg worth of items(Door delivery is optional for UK and can be requested from our UK agents upon arrival. It is better to make the arrangement after your order by using the contact form)

USA Orders

Please refer to EU and UK descriptions but see prices below

Shipping Fees by Air freight  based on weight ranges to USA  (5 days door delivery  service from dispatch ).

0-13kg = N60,000

14-25kg = N124,000

Please contact us if you are buying over 25kg worth of items

Note: All delivery charges are subject to market rates.

Delivery Times

If the ordered product is already in stock or being produced at the time of order, delivery for Nigeria can be within 3 days. For outside Nigeria will be between 7 days to 15 days by Air freight, between 40 to 60 days by Sea Freight. Our delivery prices online are based on Air freight.


Collection from our Lagos Store at Ogba can be done from from 12pm to 4pm Monday to Saturday. It is better to call and book your collection after your order has been placed. Though a team member will call to alert you once your order has been placed or if there is any problem with the order.

We are a Nigerian based Food  production company and all our deliveries are shipped from our Lagos production and packaging factory.

Return Policy

Our products are produced of the highest quality and expect little or no returns but if it must be returned, it has to be within 14 days from the date of purchase. Package must be intact as packed from our factory.