Whole melon seeds 1kg , clean hand peeled melon seeds
Quality whole melon seeds
Pack of whole melon seeds 12kg
Quality whole melon seeds
Pack of whole melon seeds 12kg

MELON SEEDS (Egusi) 1kg x 12

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Egusi botanically known as Cucumeropsis mannii is a specie of melon typically cultivated in West Africa. It is grown for its seeds, which is often small, flat, white or relatively cream-colored seeds that resemble water melon seeds. It serves as the major ingredient in preparing Egusi soup, a widely conventional Nigerian and West African delicacy. In its ground up state, Egusi is used as thickener for  soups and stews and contribute to widely enjoyed meals.

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Egusi is frequently grown in West Africa for its edible seeds commonly used as soup thickeners. The plant belongs to the family of melons and are grown in guords. When ripe and harvested, the guords are allowed to ferment; the fermented flesh thereafter is washed off the seeds. The seeds are then dried, dehusked by hand or mechanically. After the removal of the light brown husks, Egusi is usually ground and used as thickener for soups or stew. It can be processed further into oil and cake.

Egusi seeds are the major ingredient used in preparing Egusi Soup, a popular delicacy in West Africa, particularly Nigeria. Apart from the seeds, water and oil, Egusi soup typically contains leafy vegetables such as bitter leaf, pumpkin leaf, spinach, water leaf and other similar vegetables.


Ingredients for making Egusi soup; Meat (Chicken, Turkey or Beef), fish (Mackerel, Titus), stockfish, dry fish, palm oil, onions, pepper, crayfish, seasoning vegetables and salt.


(1) Boil your meat or fish and set aside.

(2) Grind Egusi seeds until very fine.

(3) Into preheated red oil, add sliced onion and allow to cook for a few seconds.

(4) Add ground Egusi, allow to cook for a little while, then add your meat or fish stock, blended crayfish, pepper and seasoning.

(5) Allow to cook for a few minutes, add water if too thick,  stir very well and add your vegetables, allow to cook for a few seconds and your Egusi soup is ready.

 Egusi soup can be served with pounded yam, wheat, garri, fufu or rice.

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MELON SEEDS (Egusi) 1kg x 12